A Tale of Transformation - Eshu Martin


The Monarch Butterfly has a special place in my heart. When I was a kid in Whitby, Ontario; after school I would often play in a small forest at the centre of a farmer's field. One year the field was fallow, growing among other things, Milkweed.

One day I noticed that the farmer was out in the tractor mowing, and the plants were covered with the iconic striped caterpillars. I got a box and plucked probably hundreds of the caterpillars off the plants. I took them home and put the box in my garage. Every day I would go and find milkweed to bring to the box of caterpillars. My sisters thought I was crazy.

The caterpillars didn't stay in the box either; oh no, they went all over the garage. By the time they became chrysalis, they were hanging everywhere - off of shelves, even off of the side mirrors of the old VW Beetle my dad was trying to restore.

Then, one day I came home from school... I opened the garage door and was greeted by the sensation of Butterflies fluttering past my face and hands.

Even to this day I don't know if I can express this experience adequately. Utter freedom. This happened for several days in succession, as they emerged from the chrysalis.

When someone asks me what my approach to hypnotherapy, and life is all about, for some reason, this is the story... and the feeling that I most want to share. It is the freedom that comes through transformation... and finding the open air.

Working with my clients in hypnotherapy feels powerfully similar. I provide a safe and protected environment, I offer techniques and tools that facilitate powerful transformation. The motivation, the underlying potential to change is already present in the clients that choose to work with me; we only need to let it happen.