Can Hypnotherapy Help With...? - Eshu Martin

A big part of how I spend my time is educating people about the uses and function of hypnotherapy. Every day people ask me, “can hypnotherapy help with…?”, and then share whatever they or the people they care about are struggling with. My answer is almost always, “Yes!”

The reason is that hypnotherapy works with the deepest capacities of the human mind. To expand on my affirmative response, I’ll often ask in reply, “do you feel like your mind is involved in your experience at all?” Of course it is! It’s virtually impossible for it not to be. It is through our mind that we experience everything in our lives, and the mind interprets everything based on previous experience, and a subjective standpoint.

“Well, how can hypnosis help something simply biological like a broken leg?!” It’s true that I can’t magically fuse bones instantly with hypnosis; but a traumatic injury like a broken leg, or even a terminal cancer diagnosis create innumerable peripheral issues - pain, fear, sleep disturbance, phobia, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, work stress… all of which take place deep in our minds - in how we perceive and interpret our situation.

When we take a step back and look at something - even something as “biological” as a broken leg, we can see that only a tiny portion of the experience is the fact of a broken bone. We can also see that if all of the other issues that our minds create around that experience are addressed and relieved, our experience is vastly improved. Our biological systems are less taxed by our mental/emotional load, and we do in fact, heal much more quickly.

So if you find yourself wondering, “Can hypnotherapy help with…?” My answer is likely “YES!”

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