Making Peace with Pollen Through Hypnotherapy- Seasonal Allergies - Eshu Martin


It's Springtime in Victoria, BC - the rain has tapered off, the sun is shining, the flowers and trees are blooming; and the air is full of pollen. Every morning when I go out to my car, it is covered in a fine yellow powder that I can draw my name in. Everywhere are puffy eyes, sniffing noses, and itchy throats; and everywhere I see words like "fighting allergies" and "battling your hay fever" - which from where I sit seems a bit of a strange thing to do.

Allergy symptoms are a physiological response to a perceived external threat. Your eyes and nose are flushing out the baddies when they water and run, and your air vessels are preventing you from inhaling poison by inflaming and closing off. Your whole body is reacting for your benefit, to protect you. So talking about "fighting allergies" seems to me like calling an army to your service, and then deciding to fight them yourself. Every year, millions of people raise the army, and then fight the army themselves. It's no wonder a secondary symptom is fatigue!

Allergies are essentially a subconscious over-generalization, and an overreaction. When you have an experience (real or perceived) in which a histamine (allergic) response was involved (or physical symptoms similar to allergies - running eyes and nose, breathing issues, sore throat), and that experience was survived, the subconscious mind may associate those symptoms (responses) with a successful outcome - regardless of whether or not the responses were involved in the outcome at all. The next time a similar situation (physical or emotional) arises, the body will respond in the same way. If the situation isn't resolved, the subconscious doesn't alter the strategy, it just dials it up.

Much like a person who has been attacked by a dog may develop a fear of all dogs, and may even panic in the presence of any dog; a body that has experienced an environmental toxic threat can overgeneralize and panic in the presence of any environmental variable - and create an allergic response or symptom - far more extreme than the threat posed by the environment.

"... but I've never experienced an environmental toxic threat", you say.

I wonder if you can imagine or remember any other situations that may cause your eyes to water, your nose to run, your breathing to shorten, and your throat to hurt?

Unresolved physical and/or emotional trauma is often at the root of allergic symptoms. It may be that the "environmental toxic threat" was not what you first think of as an allergen - but was actually a living situation, a relationship, or even a person.

In hypnosis, your subconscious mind will guide us through your symptoms to their emotional source, we will address the issue at that source and you will release it; retraining your body's responses, and relieving the emotional burden - and your allergy symptoms in a long term and lasting way. No more pills, no more dreading nature, no more sleepless nights - no more allergies.

When you are ready to enjoy the outdoors again, you can start by booking your consultation. 

I look forward to working with you.