What's Holding you Back? - Eshu Martin

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Many of my clients have worked hard to be where they are today. Coming from difficult environments and experiences; family dysfunction, material scarcity, substance abuse and addiction, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse - they have endured, and evolved.

Every day I have new clients show up who, through determination, discipline, drive and commitment have managed to succeed in areas where they themselves were profoundly failed. They've become patient and wise parents, loving partners, successful in business, and exemplary in their fields of study.

So why are they seeking Hypnotherapy?

For many who have experienced trauma, forward momentum doesn't come easily. You don't just forget the experiences that you have had; you move forward in spite of those experiences. You carry that burden with you - every step; and it is exhausting.

Many of my clients arrive with stories of their daily battles with negative self-talk, with anxiety, and with the fear of falling back into the way things used to be. 

Some of the most successful people I've known aren't totally sure if they've succeeded or are pursuing the things they are because they genuinely want to -  or because they are so desperate to avoid returning to where they have come from; and that place is always with them - like a shadow.

A person that tries to outrun their shadow will never find rest.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that I use with my clients to uncover, process, and ultimately release their fears, anxieties, and attachments to the past.

You've done so much work; you've had to become so strong and motivated just to get to where you are today. If you could cut that cord, let go of that burden, or release the ball and chain that is holding you back -  how far could you go?

Imagine what is possible when you stop centering your life around avoiding what you don't want, and begin to explore and discover what brings you joy, connection, meaning, and purpose - growing into who you truly are; rather than fleeing who you were in the past.

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What's holding you back?