Online/Distance Hypnotherapy - Eshu Martin

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I am often asked about whether Hypnotherapy can be effectively done online.

The question usually comes from people who live at a distance and have some connection, familiarity, or knowledge about me, or my practice at Monarch Trancework.

The short answer to the question is, YES! Absolutely! Hypnotherapy can be very effectively used online.

In fact there are many Hypnotherapists who practice exclusively with online clients; I have personally had great success with clients across Canada, the UK, and Europe.

Perhaps the most critical component for success in any therapeutic relationship is rapport – as a client you need to feel a connection with your therapist; that they can deeply hear you and empathize with what you are sharing.

If you trust and feel rapport with a Hypnotherapist who is at a distance, it will be easier and far more effective for you to work with them, than it would be to work with someone local who you don’t know or trust at all.

In some situations and for some clients, online Hypnotherapy may be a powerful tool that allows the possibility of transformation. Some clients may be so affected by feelings of anxiety or depression, that coming in person to a session just isn’t possible yet.

For other clients, particularly those who have experienced violence and sexual trauma, to be in a room with another person reclined and with closed eyes just isn’t on the table.

For these clients, the distance may create safety and a sense of control that allows connection to happen, and that makes online Hypnotherapy a powerful tool.

To make Online Hypnotherapy effective there are some things you need to consider.

 For clients that come into my office, I accept responsibility for many of these details; but at a distance, the client needs to ensure that they are in an environment that is appropriate for hypnotherapy.

·      Your space needs to be quiet and distraction free; no traffic (people or pets) coming in, out, or through the room you are in during the session.

·      Furniture - You will need to be comfortable and physically supported so that you can relax deeply and completely.

·      Focus – attention needs to be singular, so you can’t be checking email, texting, or eating dinner during sessions.

·      Technology – you need to have a device with a good camera and an internet connection that can reliably transmit sound and video for the duration of the session. Sound is particularly important; you need to be able to hear what I’m saying.

·      Setup – for Hypnotherapy I need to be able to see your head, torso, and hands in the frame to that I can be responsive to your experience.

·      Time – perhaps the greatest challenge in arranging online Hypnotherapy can be a time difference. I live on the west coast of Canada – Pacific Time. Sometimes the first session of my day is with a client in Europe who has stayed up late for their Hypnotherapy session!

With most clients, during the free consultation, we take the time to sort out an environment and setup that will be effective, so that for our first session we can get started without any delay.

What happens if there is a technical issue and we get disconnected?

This is not a problem, you will simply come out of hypnosis, sort out whatever the issue is, and go back into hypnosis to continue the session.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at eshu@monarchtrancework.com or you can book your consultation online on our website