Fear, Shame, and Money - Eshu Martin

Fear, Shame, and Money - Eshu Martin

It’s amazing how well people can survive, even when they are entirely avoiding conversations about money. A person can find careers that will help them justify your avoidance - in paths like Spirituality, Religion, Social Services, and Arts. A person can build entire communities with other people that carry the same kind of shame and self-doubt and feel totally justified in doing so… and I did… all of it… really well!

It’s entirely possible to survive with a maladaptive belief – but it is nearly impossible to thrive.

The Problem With Making Ends Meet - Eshu Martin

Recently I’ve been working with a few clients that want to better understand their issues around money. Some of these clients have significant incomes, and yet they still find themselves just getting by.

The more money they make, the more their expenses seem to increase… they keep working more and more so they can get ahead… but the bills always seem to catch up to them. So what’s going on?